About Sober Strong

Wow, where to start? My name is Mitch L, I was born in Fairfax County Virginia. Growing up I had a wonderful family and no traumatic events. To me it was perfect and I have fond memories of my childhood-teenage years. I was an athlete, loved sports and had many friends.

I drank my first beer when I was 15 and enjoyed the effect of alcohol. It seemed to make me relaxed and outgoing with my peers. through the years I continued to drink, I was not a bad person, did not have problems with the law but I did develop an alcohol problem. Weekend drinking turned into weekday drinking and it progressed through the years. My drinking evolved into drinking every night, I had no control over it. I could no longer manage my alcohol. Finally, I sought help and through God an AA I have not had a drink in over 12 years. This was my biggest accomplishment. The past 12 years have been very exciting, I enjoy helping others with sobriety through AA and God. 

My adult life I have always been in the apparel business. I had a desire to make empowering gear for us in sobriety. I wanted something bold and powerful, a brand we would be proud to wear. Sober Strong was developed and created by several alcoholic friends living a new empowered life. You can find us on Facebook and Sober Grid.